Monday, August 4, 2008

The Girl Without a Face

Today I have been forced to go without makeup. Throughout all the moving process and a trip to Livingston this weekend, I left my makeup bag in Joey's truck last night. Horror upon horrors! If you're a guy and you're reading this, you're probably thinking "no big deal" and you are probably also thinking the title is a slightly dramatic. But if you're a girl you know what this is like. It feels like you are walking around without a necessary piece of clothing or a vital organ. Ok, maybe not a vital organ, but one that makes you consciously aware that it's missing even though it's not necessary for living. I'd liken it to walking around in flip flops without your pinky toe. You just know everyone is looking at your missing pinky toe! I keep waiting for people to do a double take. For someone to notice that I'm practically missing eyes and cheekbones. But they haven't. Either they're just nice or yikes, even more scary a thought, wearing makeup really isn't helping me out as much as I think it is. Oh dear. In order to keep my self-esteem intact, I'm going to choose right now not to dwell on that idea. In fact, I'm choosing to go to Target on my lunch break and remedy the situation. I'll be on the makeup aisle...

P.S. Today our wedding countdown can put be in terms of Noah. Joey and I officially have 40 days until we see the olive branch so to speak - a.k.a 40 days until we get married!! :)

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