Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Got You Babe

Confession: I actively and willingly participate in Baby Talk. One year and four months ago, I made fun of these people and now I am one - a Baby Talker. By "these people", I mean a person in a relationship who refers to their significant other by a pet name. A person who ends every request to that person with the word baby or darling or whatever ooey gooey name they have found to express their devotion. I NEVER saw myself doing this. I think my response to this before has always been "puh-leeeese!". And here we are. Probably the worst of them all. I have asked Joey's permission to expose our terms of endearment in order to make sure he doesn't mind me bringing all of our mushiness out in the open. I seem to be oblivious to my mushy words until we're in public. I then realize that I sound a little like Diana Ross singing Baby Love and it is then that I am struck with the irony that I used to make fun of people like me. I think there have possibly been whole days where I have not referred to Joey by his actual name. Fortunately, the baby talk is not one sided. Joey is just as bad as I am and I love it. We usually stick with baby or versions of. Sometimes he calls me darlin' in a Southern accent. Wow, I'm admitting to a lot. I hope there is someone out there reading this who is a total cynic like I was and who never thinks it's possible that they could found themselves uttering those same words. I'm telling you it can happen and we are proof.

Speaking of Joey (using his real name here) he is ready to watch a movie so I've gotta go. Hasta la

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