Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Morning Post | 29 & Holding

I know this is out of the norm, posting on a Saturday. But hey, this is my blog party and I can post when I want to.

Really, this is the only "play" time I've had for about two weeks now. OK, slightly dramatic, yes. Things have been busy. Good busy, but all time has been "scheduled". I'll tell you about it later this coming week because I've decided that this is my therapy. I need to blog.

So, I'll probably be playing catch up with you on what we've been up to. Starting with...

Last weekend I turned 29.

That's almost 30.

I don't wanna talk about it.

Just leave it alone.

So let's talk about the shopping that I did instead. Deal?

My present from Joey was a shopping spree. That's what I asked for, although he did get me a few extra surprises such as one Halloween decoration (I would have loved to see him carrying that around Michael's, or him just being inside Michael's would do), a salad spinner and an extra large cutting board. Loved these little surprises!

The two latter gifts he said were items he felt that I needed. The first, he saw at a friend's house and thought that I should have one. Salad envy I guess. Interesting considering THIS character trait. The second, he has watched numerous veggies take the ultimate death leap to the floor because my tiny cutting boards just aren't cutting it. I'm sure all future fruits and vegetables will be grateful to go out with more dignity because of Joey's gifts.

Back to the shopping. I don't know what the heck I wore last fall. Really no clue. Apparently, my wardrobe consisted of an A&M sweatshirt and two long-sleeve t-shirts from Target because those are the only remnants of my fall wardrobe. I don't recall streaking, so I must have worn something.

Scarves, maybe it was scarves. Unless I planned on making a toga out of my scarves, clothing additions were necessary.

I made three stops: The Limited, Ann Taylor Loft (gift card in tow) and Fossil (where I bought three overpriced t-shirts, but I love them and plan on wearing for at least four years. That's what I told Joey. A t-shirt investment.).

Pretty successful shopping trip, I must say.

After shopping, Joey's plan was to take me to my favorite little Italian restaurant in Katy. A nice quiet evening.

Considering my age, my kind of celebration. When we walked in the hostess said that we might want to be seated on the left side of the restaurant as there was a large party on the other side that could get a little loud. Joey said we wouldn't mind. I jumped in and said, actually yes, please seat us opposite of the party. I'm too old for noise.

Joey insisted we sit near the party. Fine, whatever.

I thought I recognized a couple sitting at the back and thought geez, how funny that we would be at the same restaurant!


It was my party.


That little sneaker had all my friends waiting for me!

I really was surprised. And I can't believe I was so dumb! I'm usually the worst at surprises because I sniff them out way too early. This is partially why I don't like surprises: I am never surprised and always have to fake it for the planning party.

And we had a great time! It was still a nice and quiet evening, but full of fun! After all, my friends are almost 29 too.