Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Fact #3: I'm A Dog Liker

I'm not necessarily a "dog lover".

I'm not one to let dogs just clamor all over me and I hate it when big dogs jump on me.

This may or may not go back to a black poodle with blue-painted toenails biting me as a child.

And yet, I have three dogs living in my home right now.

There's Gus.

There's Bogart.

And now there's Mocha.

Gus and Bogart were planned, so to speak. Mocha was as they say, "a surprise".

I like dogs. I love my dogs. I've been known to put pictures of certain dogs on this blog. Our big dog jumps on me. The irony.

None of my dogs will be allowed to paint their toenails blue.


  1. Is one of those the long haired Dachshund? Did you end up keeping him? He was precious!

  2. Why am I just now seeing these comments? Sorry! Yes, we still have Mocha. But I have a story about that!!