Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grant Me Immunity

Dear Immune System,

We've had such a long run! I mean, what's it been? Several years since coming down with anything semi-serious? You've been faithful throughout the cold seasons and even kept the swine flu at bay. While others were succumbing to temptation, you stayed committed. What happened? I just didn't think tonsillitis was a bridge we would have to cross as you've always been so strong.

Okay, okay, I know I haven't been treating you very well lately. I fell off the healthy eating wagon the last three weeks, have packed my schedule a little too close to the top, haven't gotten much sleep and started my sick vitamins a day late. Maybe it's not you, it's me.

Would ice cream help? No? What about a milkshake? Are you sure? Oh. Green tea or chamomile. Okay. If you say so. What Immune System wants, Immune System gets.

Please just one request: please pull out all your tricks so I don't miss a day of work. I promise I will treat you better in the future.

Yours in sickness and in health,



  1. So sorry you're sick! BTW...I was unable to convince my hubby to even have a trial run of your sweet puppy. He even somehow by the end of the conversation was able to convince me I didn't really want a dog either. Sad. Hope you find a home for him soon and that you feel better!

  2. Omg that stinks! I totally didn't even realize you were sick! Looks like I'll be in your neck of the woods more often these days so I'll be sure to steer clear of Mr. Immune System (or lack thereof lol). By the way, w/e that creamy lemon stuff was...ah-mazing. And that's coming from someone who doesn't like lemon. You def outdid yourself Mrs. Perot! Feel better!