Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wabbit Workout

This is my third week into P90x. I have come to have a love/hate relationship with Tuesdays. Reason being, this is the day that I do the plyometrics workout. I have mentioned that it's practically an hour of pure jumping. It's like Skip-It on steroids, which given the fact that I could never truly "skip" it that long, it's a challenge. Tony says that this is the "X" in P90X. For encouragement and elimination of all excuses he has a man with a prosthetic leg in the video doing the workout with us. Yes, a one-legged man doing a jumping workout video. I'm dying with two legs and I look up and see this guy jumping higher and further than me with one leg. He's so good at it that I have analyzed his leg and wonder if it is real or if Tony just painted it to look fake and guilted us all into shamefaced performance. I wouldn't put it past him. I should introduce you to Tony.

Meet Tony. I like Tony. Sometimes I get frustrated with Tony when he tells me to land softly like a cat or better, like Spider Man. Spider Man is not really what I'm channeling at this point and my landings are more in line with The Hulk. I'm trying Tony, promise.

One of the things that Tony has incorporated into the plyo workout are a few moves that are excercise's way of playing make believe. I'm going to let you in on the few of the main moves, but WARNING, you should only try this at home and away from the general public. One involves jumping side to side with a Heisman pause for effect, another has us role playing as football players doing tires, another passing a basketball and shooting it, one pitching a baseball and coming down into a squat. And of course, my personal favorite...the Rockstar. Oh yes, this one has us playing our air guitars. Joey has come in a few times while I'm doing this one and I think I've stopped the movement before he's caught on to what I'm actually doing (nonchalant whistling through my huffing and puffing, hands by my side like nothing's going on), but I'm sure it's suspcious. Have I mentioned that my husband's super athletic, coordinated, and strangley flexible for a guy who's 6'4? I don't think he'd relate to my awkward clumsiness and lack of flexibility. I might show him when my flailing has calmed down a little, but for now I just feel like an idiot and I'm going to keep it to myself...and you.

I keep asking Joey if the diameter of my biceps seems to have gotten larger or if possibly a few veins are beginning to stick out in my neck. He hasn't noticed anything yet. Maybe tomorrow. For now the only result I have is a cramp in my toe from all the jumping. Well, that and my air guitar is quite improved since last time.


  1. The plyometrics made me throw up the first time I did it! I have to say that is the hardest dvd ever and the yoga can be just as hard. And of course Tony makes it look so easy!