Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where Babies Come From

Last night around 4:30am, Joey and I were awakened by a startling sound. A baby crying. And this would make sense...if we had a baby. And maybe despite the below freezing temperatures, if our neighbors had a baby. Joey got up, walked around the house, looked out the windows, looked in the closets (naturally, where babies hide) and no baby. It sounded like a baby crying at the top of its lungs. Finally, I said, Joey...check the front door. I was considering the possibility of a Reverse Stork - Where Babies Come From. Maybe they really come from storks and I've been believing in The Other the whole time. Fleeting thought. Stories of people leaving babies in bundles on people's doorsteps started coming to mind. We're definitely not in Old Testament conditions, but isn't this how Moses got his gig? To crush the suspense, Joey opened the door and no baby. I have to say, in the few seconds that I had thought about what if there's a baby at the door, I was kind of excited. So I was surprised that disappointment was what I felt when there was not a little basket outside the door. That feeling surprised even me! So no baby. What was it? Well, we have now chalked it up to the more plausible explanation. Mating cats. At least that's what we have been told can be mistaken for a crying child. Nice, isn't it? I thought I was hearing a little bundle of joy and it was mating cats. Lovely.

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