Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

Technically, we started Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago. Joey's Grandmother traveled to Arizona this Thanksgiving so she decided she would make the traditional meal a few weeks early so we could celebrate with her and the family would not have to miss a season of her wonderful cooking. So I guess that was the beginning. For the official holiday you could say that we were well-traveled. We loaded the dogs up and left our house about 6am on Turkey Day to begin our trip to Louisiana. We had Thanksgiving lunch (tummy full at this point) with Joey's parents and friends. Then we traveled to another part of Louisiana for Thanksgiving dinner (now ridiculously stuffed) with Joey's Dad's family. The next day we traveled late Friday afternoon to Livingston and had Thanksgiving with my huge family on Saturday (cannot move I'm so full). And Mom had enchiladas on Sunday. Needless to say, after this weekend, I vowed to never eat or want to eat again. Alright, so I didn't keep the vow, but I am eating no more than the dietary recommended portion size.

An aside. My parents have a three bedroom house. They have four kids all home for Thanksgiving. One of them newly married. That's me. They have three twin beds for three kids and then there's the just married kid and kid-in-law. You do the math. We were going to have to sleep in separate beds for the first time since we have been married. This made me kind of sad. BUT fortunately I have a creatively cool Mom. She pulled the two couches together in the living room to make a bed big enough for two! So, it was definitely different. Kind of like sleeping in a playpen. I got so tickeled with the fact that we were sleeping on a Couch Conglomeration. It takes couch bed to another level, but I was happy because I got to sleep next to my husband. :)

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