Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bananas, Spit Up and Baby Tears

Bananas, spit up and baby tears. It's what I'm wearing today and all before 8:00 AM. Washing it down with a cold cup of coffee. Claire is officially mobile as well as asserting her independence in all areas.

A new crawler and tile floors are just not a good mix. I feel like a baby concussion is right around every corner. In fact, we already had a wipeout this morning that resulted in angry tears for nearly ten minutes. Breakfast was a battle of the wills. She wants to feed herself and Mommy has to play keep away with the spoon. I feel like I'm playing some sort of weird Mom video game. Just trying to get the food filled spoon through to the safe zone, aka Baby Godzilla's mouth. I provide my own sound effects. Baby Godzilla thinks this is funny.

At seven months and mobile, Claire is into everything. She makes a beeline for all that looks unsafe. Pulling up on sharp cornered dressers, unwieldy and germy Diaper Genies or chewing on door stoppers. But then again, who wouldn't want to gnaw on a 3 inch piece of coiled metal?

The sweet little look in her eye as she crawls toward her Mommy is priceless. I love it. Out of all the door stoppers in the house to choose from and she wants to come to me! She crawls to me with her bright brown eyes and drool dripping mouth and my heart just melts. And then I realize she just wants to use me as a prop to stand up. Oh well. I still love it even if I am being used.

I asked her if she might be interested in hiring a stunt double, but she declined as she likes to do her own tricks. Other valid options are to turn the house into a padded cell of sorts or wrap her in bubble wrap like the Michelin man. I'll probably opt for Michelin Baby for cost effective purposes.

Time to get anything done for myself is incredibly limited as I'm either working during a naptime or on Claire duty which is now all hands on deck. Case in point? Yesterday I did my makeup in the reflection of the microwave door because anywhere else was too risky while Claire was in play. I am in this very moment lifting my head out of the work and Mom Trenches to get a breath of fresh air before the day really begins to pick up speed. You know how that is!

Will I change my shirt? Not until after 10:00 AM. What's the point? There's one more stop on the liquid accessories that have been added to today's wardrobe. Bubble gum flavored antibiotics is on all the Paris runways this season. Oui?

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