Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Claire's Four Month Update

One of my favorite things to watch is Claire experiencing new things. I love how her little eyes widen with the joy of discovery. From three to four months it's been all about discovery.

Weight: 14.8 lbs.
Height: 25.75 inches (93%)

I mentioned in her 3 month update that I thought she would be a Chatty Kathy. This has been confirmed. Claire wakes up at 3AM often and "talks" to herself for nearly an hour. She is also doing this weird guttural/Aboriginal music thing where she growls at long intervals. Joey thinks it's slightly creepy. I think she's trying to sing. It's the kind of singing only a mother could love. Thankfully, she also has the sweetest coos. It balances out the Aboriginal.

Claire began rolling from back to tummy with a few tummy to backs for good measure at 3 months and one day. Yes, literally the afternoon I posted her 3 month update on this blog the girl decides she's going to speed everything up and throw her mommy and daddy into a panic. The first time I barely caught it. She was in her crib and I saw it happen on the video monitor. She did it once and never looked back. Now she's never on her back long before she's rolling over and...

Shortly after mastering the roll, Claire became very mad about being stuck in one place. She rolls or inches her way around her crib and play mat. She really wants to sit on her own and crawl, but of course she can't do either and this makes her really frustrated. She looks like she's swimming on dry land as hard as she's trying to crawl. She made it off of her play mat for the first time while I wasn't looking. Immediately every cord, outlet, plug, choking hazard, etc. came into my view. Baby proofing starts now.

She loves to go after and hold things. Pretty much anything that she can get her hands on goes in her mouth. There must be some kind of gravitational pull in that area.

Claire has always loved baths, but now they have become an athletic event. I put a rubber duck in her tub by her feet and she begins the game of how hard can I kick the ducky to make it jump out of my tub while getting mommy as wet as possible in the process. Daddy is a little nervous that she's going to be a soccer player which isn't really his thing, but we all know that it wouldn't matter what she played as he would be at every practice and game cheering her on. But wouldn't that be funny?

She's able to sit up with a little support. She has liked to sit in her Bumbo until the last week. She must have heard she was four months old. Now she's trying climb out of the sides as you can see above. Boy, are we are in for it!

I think this is around the corner. We go through about 8 bibs a day. They are drenched! At her four month check up the pediatrician said her gums were swollen. I'm a little nervous. Not sure what to expect.

Miss Independent
She wants to do everything on her own. From holding her bottle, sitting up, standing, etc. - she wants to be able to do it herself. And of course, she can't do any of it herself yet. At what point do babies learn patience? Ha!

Claire's Current Fave's
Sophie the Giraffe (teether)
Exercise gym
Patti Cake
Toys that have moving parts that she can manipulate
Getting her nose game
Anything in her mouth

We are starting solids shortly. I'm so excited! Now when we eat we're being watched. I think she knows we're holding out on her. Claire is so much fun. She's sweet and I love that her little personality is really starting to come out. I'm hoping that Claire belly laughs are in next month's update!

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