Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The War of the Snoozes

It was an epic battle. The year was 2014.

The place? C's Crib.

The opponents? Claire the Valiant versus Mommy the Perseverant.

A coup had been mounted by Claire the Valiant earlier in the week. The conflict? Naps.

Do not mistake her small stature and youthful appearance for weakness. Claire the Valiant was a worthy opponent and seemed to be winning more territory by the day.

Her methods were similar to those of William Wallace. "You may swaddle me, but you may never get me to...NAP!" I think I heard her say that.

And then she mooned me.

Heavy resistance began earlier during the day with fussiness and hiccups, but Mommy the Perseverant was on to her tactics.

Come UPS man, barking dogs or children walking home from the bus stop...there would be a nap.

Mommy the Perseverant sent the Recon Team in early to set the stage.

The lights were low. You could hear the soothing sounds of a babbling brook from a nearby sound machine.

The swaddle was snug, paci and bumpers in place and Surveillance was turned on.

Her first approach involved a staring contest with Surveillance. Clever, but not going to work.

Then Claire the Valiant employed the infamous Lift My Legs in the Air & Wave'em Round Like I Just Don't Care Move. Mommy the Perseverant remained unphased.

Would the swaddle hold? Would reinforcements be needed?

The eyelids fell at 2:02 PM.

The paci surrendered at 2:10 PM.

The swaddle did not break ranks.

This was to be Claire the Valiant's Waterloo. The white flag was raised.

To the winner go the spoils - in this case, it was a shower.


(to note, Claire the Valiant did not lose an arm during this battle. Swaddle weaning...{next battle})


  1. What a sweet little girl you have. I love your posts! Hearing about first time motherhood like this reminds me of my self in many ways.

    P.S. I read your last post and my lady was actually swaddled until she was just over a year. {She rolled over and just would move her head side to side}. I was that mom trying to wean and finally threw in the towel. You may just have to give Claire the Valiant the win on this. ;) Good luck!!!!

  2. She is sweet! And headstrong, ha! Wonder where she gets that from??? She's burying her face in the mattress when she rolls over. Not really sure what we're going to do, but this can't be good. She will move her head to the side at times, but she seems to like her nose smooshed into the mattress. And literally, she started rolling an hour after this was posted. I guess she knew Mom was a little to pleased with her most recent nap victory so she had to bring out the big guns. Miss you!

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