Wednesday, June 5, 2013

White Paper Packages Taped Up With String

Look what was waiting at home for me today!

Don't you just love packages on your doorstep?

Especially when they contain fun stuff for a certain little baby girl's room.

They're the curtains for her room. Isn't that crazy? Someone else actually has a 'room' in our house! And now she has curtains! I know, it takes me a while... I still say to Joey all the time "Did you know we're married?"

The bedding is back ordered so this is the first of several packages that should be coming our way soon.

As you can guess from the curtains, the bedding is pink as well. Different pattern, but pink. I'm still deciding, never having really been a Pink Girl growing up myself, whether this is a good fit. Remember on Sleeping Beauty when fairy godmothers Flora and Merryweather keep changing Princess Aurora's dress from pink to blue? I always sided with Merryweather on the dress.

 But gosh darn it, it's so fun! As I've aged I've turned into more of a Flora.

I tried to convince Joey to go for the princess carriage theme below which everyone seems to be doing these days, but he didn't want her getting carriage sick during nap time.

Seriously. Was this on Pimp My Crib or something?

I'll be able to make a better decision once the bedding arrives. Afterall, we have four months, right? I have a feeling this is going to go by very quickly!

Now, off to the real Land of Nod!

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