Monday, April 18, 2011



The day is almost finished. I'm yoga'd, showered, read and prayed up. And now, I'm feeling reflective and quiet.

And looking at yoga mats to purchase.

I know, I'm really getting into this yoga thing. Maybe it's because I can touch my toes for the first time since 8th grade. I did this accidentally when I was telling Joey how much I was improving. I said look what I can do! And much to my surprise and his, I touch the floor with straight legs. I was quite impressed with myself to be quite honest! Now of course let me add a disclaimer - this was just after yoga class so please know that if you ask me to demonstrate my moves, you may not always get this result.

This is the mat that Melissa, my favorite teacher, recommends:
This is Manduka's eKO Lite Mat. I'm hoping that with this mat I can do this:

But there's a good chance I'll still be doing a lot of this:

Thank goodness for child's pose.


  1. Dear Jenny, I recently started yoga myself. I have the same "issue" you have as I have a crooked toe also. Most of the women in my yoga class have long, perfectly straight, freshly pedicured toes. I have noticed one of the women in class with perfect feet staring at my hammertoe. She actually asked me one day "did you break your toe, honey?" I just politely said, "no it's genetic." To that she replied, "oh." I'm just wondering, do you ever feel self conscious about your toes in yoga class or elsewhere? You can contact me at Have a great day, Cindy

  2. Sorry its I was right in the middle of looking over recipes while responding to you. Sorry if I can remember my name I will be ahead if the game! Take care.