Monday, November 8, 2010


...caneck caneck!

How was your weekend? Hope it treated you well and was full of relaxation and fun!

Our weekend was full of chili and football! That about sums it up.


We had a tailgait party at our church on Friday night for the Katy football games complete with a chili cook off. I made a ginormous pot of chili. I have not really attempted chili since The Great Cinnamon Chili Debacle of Early 2010. So why I was entering the a pot of chili can only be rounded up to pure obligation. No, I didn't win, but let me say for the record that I was safe in the middle. Not that awesome, but not just plain terrible either. Whew!


Saturday, Joey and I headed to College Station with friends for the Aggie/ou game. (Did you see that? I just did a very Aggie thing in leaving "ou" in lowercase. It's what we do. It's the ultimate Aggie diss.) This was by far the best post graduation game I've been to. WE WON!!! A&M 33; ou 19!!!! We yelled the entire game. Joey lost his voice. I hugged a lady I didn't know. We were given the stank eye by ou fans for overzealous comments. In short, we had a blast.

Look, sometimes it's tough to be an Aggie. It's been nothing but a roller coaster of inconsistency over the past few years so we've gotta celebrate when we can!!

I'm not wanting to get my hopes up, but guess what's around the Thanksgiving corner? t.u.

P.S. I had a strawberry tart from Cafe Eccell. I'm still thinking about it. It was bliss.