Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's Get LOST

Today I am sick. I think it's food poisoning. I even left work early. This is a big deal in my world: to be sick. The last time I remember truly being sick was when I had my wisdom teeth pulled three years ago and that was of course, expected. So needless to say, I'm spoiled with good health and when I get sick, even the slightest bit of sick - it rocks my world. Anyway, enough of my whining and on to what I was wanting to tell you.

First, Joey and I have signed up for Blockbuster's Netflix. I know, I know...those are two separate things, but I'm not sure what the program is called, monthly autoship program for DVDs? Who knows. We signed up for Blockbuster's version of Netflix. After comparing the two, I think it's the best choice for us and there's no extra charge for Blu-Ray. I am super excited. I tend to like old movies and things that aren't at our local Blockbuster so it's nice that I can just order it online.

I am pumped. Our first two DVDs came in the mail: Season 1 of Lost. I watched Lost when it first started and was really into it. Then I moved into another apartment and never hooked up the TV. Like all good relationships that cease communication, my relationship with Lost was well, lost. Sorry for the pun, you know it had to come up sometime.

During the holidays my parents rented the DVDs and were I think, on Season 3. I caught a few with them and got sucked right back in. I have been trying since that time to convince Joey that we need to watch Lost. You'll love it, I tell him. And he says, it looks weird - I know I wouldn't like it. Ugghh! I KNOW you would LOVE it! Everyone loves it! "But I hate sci-fi." Which in my opinion is pretty much saying you hate imagination - at least to make a blanket statement like that. (and no, I am not into Battlestar Gallactica or anything like that - probably even got the name wrong, but I have been known to down a few Harry Potter books and Lord of the Rings) Anyhow, I get that - I really do. This is the same guy who has never seen Star Wars. I know - can you believe it? He has no interest in STAR WARS? Alas, my Wookie jokes are lost on him. Oh well, they're not very good anyway. So back to Lost: I tried and tried to convince to him to watch but to no avail.

Until yesterday. Lost came in the mail and let me tell you, he has been sucked in. As I have said, I'm sick and reduced to spending time on the couch, so tonight's the perfect night for continuing to feed what I am just so positive will become Joey's addiction. That was one of the first things he said when he brought me 7Up and crackers, that since I was sick maybe we could just lay on the couch and watch Lost.

Hmm...time for a little imagination building.


By the way, as I speak...Joey just sat down to eat a sandwich and we came to the end of Disc 1. I told him the second disc is probably in our mailbox. I can't believe it. He has put down his sandwich and gone out in the pouring rain to get the second DVD. If that's not hooked, I don't know what is. A man rarely walks away from his sandwich.

He just walked in with the DVD, but has to dry off first. I'm really tickled at this.


  1. I'm so glad I found out yesterday that you're feeling better. Yea! I'm a huge baby when it comes to being sick. I can't stand it.

    Todd and I have never watched Lost, but you do make it sound compelling. We may have to do the Netflix thing ourselves... I can see us being eager like Joey or worse! We will probably want to watch disc after disc! Maybe I'd better think about this for awhile. :)

  2. Thanks, Terri! Oh my goodness, y'all would love it knowing you two! But yes, you have to be careful that it doesn't take too much time because you will not want to stop!