Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dyed & Gone to Heaven?

Guess what I was up to yesterday? It has something to do with this...

Yes, it's all clear now. Watching Dawson's Creek reruns. Ummm...no, although that is sadly quite appealing to me. Yesterday evening was spent trying to duplicate Katie Holmes' (is it Cruise now? I'm so behind pop culturally speaking sometimes) hair. Yes, it was a haircut and drum roll please...lowlights for me!

I was until yesterday, a haircolor virgin. Shocking, I know. How a girl makes it to 28 without having one single drop of hair color touch her head is a mystery. Well, no it's not as much a mystery as it is that I'm of the low maintenance hair variety. And by low maintenance I mean, there are days when my hair "fixing" is done in 5 minutes. I have also stooped on numerous occasions to the lowest of lows of hair maintenance. This would be rolling down the windows in my car and pointing all air conditioning vents on high to my wet hair. Go ahead and scoff at this, but it works in a jam.

All this to say, God was merciful when He gave me board straight hair. He knew that if I were given anything that required more than 8 minutes including blow drying to look slightly presentable, I would be in a rough spot. Not only do I not have the patience to fix my hair, but I'm going to admit something. And this is a big admission for a girl. I am still unsure of how to use a round brush properly. I just can't get it. Do you girls that do this have another Gadget Arm or what? Not to mention that I tend to get these brushes stuck in my hair. If only peanut butter worked on brushes like it does on gum.

So you can see how I have made it to this point untouched by a colorist. And then this happened:

Agghghghghgh! Yes, I developed the Bride of Frankenstein white hair streak. My hair turned against me. All of these years it had been so good. I mean it wasn't great or amazing hair, but it never caused me any trouble. Until now. Thankfully, it was camouflaged with another layer of hair, but it was there alright and quick to mock me if I pulled my hair up half way. To add insult to injury, one of the errant strands poked straight out of head like a bent white pipe cleaner. In fact, when my hairdresser pulled back the layer she actually did a little surprise gasp followed by an "oh my, you do have white hair".

I did it. It's barely noticeable, but I did it. I didn't like the haircut at first, but I think it was the way she styled it. She curled everything in and I looked less like Katie Homes and more like an earl from the 16th century. If I had a picture to post I would, but I haven't had a chance to take any yet. It's not so much that you'll be able to tell as much as I do, but just know that the white streak is gone!


  1. I love this post! I have also been one to use the airvents and windows to dry my hair in a jiffy...glad to know that there are other women who don't have the patience to spend hours on their hair!
    Excited to see your new hairdo :)