Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's in a name?

It feels so much better to be all under one identity! I am feeling pretty comfortable in my new name and felt like my blog should reflect that as well. Name changes are a funny thing. I have been Jenny Hanks for 26 full years and suddenly, poof, I have a totally new name. As young girls we write out the signature of our first name with our latest crushs' last name and it's all dreamy and way out in the future. But when it really happens, it's kind of weird and takes a little getting used to. You find yourself explaining the evolution of your name to strangers examining your inconsistent IDs at Blockbuster. It is a wonderful identity crisis. Here are some interesting things about my new name that I have come upon:

- I now have a name that no one is sure how to pronounce. The new possibilities are now Parrot like the bird, Pee-row, Perro like the Mexican dog, Perot as in Ross, and my favorite, Pee-rot. Now mind you, my feelings are not hurt at all if you can't pronounce the name. It wasn't that long ago that I was in the same boat you are now. So here you go in case you were wondering: Pay-row

- I could never go by my initials before, JH. It just didn't have a ring to it. My new one sticks. J.P. I have people that call me this already as there are three Jennifers in my department at work. It has a nice J.P. the Auto-mechanic or Neighborhood Bully ring to it. A tough guy's initials, yeah, that's it, yeah.

- Are you related to Ross Perot? This is the standard question from all whitehaired gentlemen.

- My name and Joey's name are scary alike. The first time I saw an email from myself, I thought it was from Joey. We sound like a set of twins.

But, the best thing about my new name is that I share it with my favorite person in the entire world: Joey.

Jenny Perot

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