Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Speaking in Terms of "This"....

Today is a milestone day for me. When I got to work today I turned my calendar to September. I can officially speak in terms of "this". And by this, I mean "this" month and next week, I can say our wedding is "this" week! Before yesterday, I was confined to using it only in terms of the season and the year. I can look at the calendar and see "Our Wedding"! I'm looking at it right now. We're almost on the same calendar row as Our Wedding. So close!

In other news from this weekend:

Mom and Dad's backyard has survived another Hurricane Attempt on East Texas and came away looking even more fresh and so green, green. :) And it did occur to me how blessed I am during this whole hurricane's a comin' thing. I'm praying for the hurricane to not come because of my wedding and others in New Orleans are praying that it does not come and completely wash away their home and their life. Really puts things in perspective.

Love is in the air in Livingston, Texas. Bugs that is. Love bugs are everywhere. My prayers are being equally spread in two different directions, one that it does not rain and secondly, that a plague of love bugs does not descend upon the festivities. Interestingly enough, love bugs are attracted to white. Yes, that's right, me and the cake could very possibly be covered. It could make for an interesting Mary Poppins like exit if the bride is flown away by love bugs but, I would prefer to take Joey's truck to the airport.

So we're getting married THIS month!! I love-love speaking in terms of This! :)

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