Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Jenny...from the blog

Hmmm... so this is my first official blog. You know, the season opener, the first pitch, Act 1, etc. You get the picture. So I feel like I should make a good impression. It's so funny - I feel kind of shy, but I'm just sitting here by myself at the computer. What's up with that? I've got a serious case of First Time Blogger Jitters, colloquially known as The Blitters. Hopefully, it's not a chronic condition. So how do you start this? I mean do I have what it takes to be blog worthy or will I just fall off into unknown blogdom? What do other people write in their blogs? I did a little research in between sentences and I have decided it is mostly intriguing randomness of daily thought put into words. Randomness - now this is something I can do. In fact, if that's the definition, I've been internally blogging for years. The difference in internal blogging and this will be that now I have to translate it from Jenny-speak (which is a very complicated language - ask my fiance) into something that is a little more intelligible - namely English. So, for any of you who have ventured to this first time blogger's post, just keep in mind that I'm a newbie. I haven't got all the in's and out's down yet, but I promise that it might be slightly entertaining to watch me muddle through this.

A sidenote - I just texted Joey to let him know that I am officially "blogging". Thankfully, I looked at the text before sending. It said "I am clogging.". T9 is obviously not a veteran blogger such as myself. I think he would have figured out that I wasn't clogging, but still - yikes, not what you want people to think you're doing at 11pm on Thursday night. Can you say spell check?

Gosh, the end of my first blog. A milestone. It's been fun. Hopefully, there will be lots more to come. And so far, I love clogging! :P

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